I'm Daniel Leon

a coach
who cares

Online holistic life coaching, achieving realistic goals, rediscovering your passions, and accountability while you're figuring it all out

Let's Unlock your best life


Enough about me. What is Life coaching?

No clear next
step in life?

That's normal. Rediscover
your passion and direction

Let's Unlock Your
Best Life

If you're like me, you sometimes feel stuck in life.
You can create lasting change with the right coach.

What to expect
from a life coach?

Thoughtful questions to help you accomplish YOUR realistic goals

Can't quite reach
a long term goal?

Pinpoint why and adapt using proven strategies from a certified life coach

Always too busy, never enough time?

Improve productivity while
actually using less energy

But how do you
find a life coach?

Let's chat and see if we can
unlock your best life together

Don't have any
goals yet?

Setting goals can be overwhelming. 
Come as you are, let's unearth your passion

The Origin Story

Daniel Leon

Holistic Life coach

I never heard of a tax-analyst-turned-life-coach, except me. After nearly a decade of the corporate grind (who would've thought 18 tax seasons would be so taxing), I chose to pursue my passion: unlocking people's potential through life coaching.

For 5 years, I've coached interns and executives alike on everything from strategic planning to managing time on social media. At first, they groaned at my challenging questions, but steadily over time they transformed their workflows and day to day lives.

But don't just take my word for it...

What           Say


"what a difference...
with the right coach"

"Beyond skill, you want a coach that is humble, a generous listener, intuitive, and has a high emotional intelligence. This is Daniel!"

- Elizabeth, fellow coach

"...humble, a generous listener, intuitive..."

"In the past, I had had a negative coaching experience. The person just did not bring out the best in me. When someone recommended taking on Daniel as my coach, I was a little skeptical. However, I agreed to give coaching one more shot. When I started working with Daniel, I saw right away what a difference it made in working with the right coach.

Daniel gently (and sometimes persistently) guided me with questions that steered in a direction to successfully plot my own course for self-improvement."

- David, coachee

"...coaching competence plus personal care..."

Daniel is an exceptional life coach. What makes him stand out is his coaching competence plus the personal care he gives to the client. At least that’s my experience of him. He helps people get to where they want to go. You won’t be disappointed.

- Anthony, mentor coach

My mission is to enable people seeking direction in life to take the first, next, and final steps towards living the best personal, professional, and relational life for their whole person through meaningful conversations.